Autumn Vibes

With yesterday’s Autumn Equinox and the sudden-farewell of Summer, here at Poem Bespoke HQ, I do try to embrace all of the seasons (though even I shudder at the impending doom of those miserable months aka January and February).

But when it comes to writing personalised poems and even article writing, I do find the darker nights and cooler weather serve as a catalyst to start looking inwards that little bit more and typically, it’s at this time of year that I find it easiest to reconnect with my spiritual side.

Yes, Autumn comes with its own perks…pretty colours…crisp mornings to wake-me up on the school-run and still, that exciting, timeless feeling of change, coupled with new possibilities, first-felt during my primary ‘back-to-school’ years, whenever my fabulous new, grey pixie boots got their first outing.

So, I recommend we settle into the season by lighting a candle, grabbing a hot cuppa (or if you’re like me, simply making the seasonal switch from a glass of white wine to red) and cosy up with an atmospheric novel….or podcast! As a relatively new-podcast listener, it was only recently I learnt what a big deal podcasts had become and the scope of listening opportunities out there.

And to tie this little post up, I thought I would share an article below which I recently penned for Soul & Spirit magazine, covering some of the best spiritual podcasts out there at the moment. Angels, meditations and spooky stories…if that’s your thing: listen in (rhyme non-intentional).

Deborah x

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