Remembering to look up!

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Recently I’ve been noticing a running theme in my life.  When I’ve been feeling low, negative or starting to get caught up in my own little world of worry (frequent)…the universe sends me a little sign from Mother Nature to pull me up out of myself. And though I’ve no doubt such flags have been waved my way since forever, these days, I seem to notice them more often – now that I’m getting older and wiser perhaps. 😉

Anyway, I’m certainly no spiritual Guru (easy, Deepak) but I’ve started to think of these little signs from the ether as gentle reminders that no, the world doesn’t actually start and end with me, myself and I. And yes, though I am indeed a small part of it (as I believe we all are), it’s so much more expansive, and all–encompassing than my little brain can comprehend. It’s more than careers, money, cancer, debt, families, friends, pets, politics, religion, Netflix, dinners, arguments, love, fear, the future, past mistakes and death. For me, it symbolises hope and I find that comforting.

Below I’ll share some of the little gems Mother Nature has hit me over the head with of late…

Winter Sunset

So, the other day, I was waiting for my son to finish his after-school club. It was freezing, night was coming and I was feeling quite negative about something or other. But when I looked up, I saw a beautiful panoramic winter sunset, which had painted the entire sky in stunning mauves, lilacs and pinks. It was such a timely little reminder, to remember to stop looking down and notice the beauty that’s around me.

Morning Moon

A few days earlier, I had woken up ridiculously early – at the unearthly hour of 4.30am. I just couldn’t sleep and as usual, the sheep I tried to count kept running off. Feeling groggy and grumpy I skulked downstairs into the darkness of the kitchen with the reluctant goal of doing something semi-productive before the boys woke up (and they wake early every day, let me tell you).

Anyway, as I like to do first thing of a morning, I flung open my back door just to feel the morning air and was stunned to see the most magnificent, full round moon low and white in the sky opposite. Because it was early morning I assume, it loomed much larger than usual and emitted such a powerful, magnetic vibe that I just stared at it for a little while feeling grateful to bear witness.

After a moment, I moved away to switch the kettle on and make my first, lovely morning coffee and when I looked again, the moon had slipped away behind the horizon leaving just an ethereal, silver glow in its wake.

Rainbow House

Not sure if it’s the continual grey skies and damp weather of late but I’ll say it again – I’ve been worrying about things a little more than usual. Anyway one afternoon last week, I drove round the curve of my street en route back to our house which sits tucked away into the corner of our cul-de-sac. There in wait, arched overhead a vibrant rainbow, which due to the angle I was coming from made it seem to curve right over the top of my house! The unexpected sight cheered me up no end.

Anyway, so what am I trying to take from all of these signs Mother Nature’s sending my way?  I’m trying to remember that whenever I’m feeling down or sinking into my own thoughts a little too deeply – to just ‘look up’ and take notice of the wonderful, wider world around me. And it helps.

What magical signs do you get when you need them?

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