What’s New This Year? Making Things Happen.

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Hope everyone has the new year off to a positive and productive start. So, aside from my usual goal renewal – namely lose a few pounds, cut out the mid-week wine and work on becoming more spiritual on a practical level- eg do a mediation every day, take up reiki etc, I’ve been having a good old think about what else I should change this year in order to be where I want to be.

And the main goal I have right now revolves around making this little personalised poem website of mine more productive. To do that, I need to work on the key thing it currently lacks and which quite frankly I’ve been side-stepping, as it’s just not as fun. But I realise now I need to sort it.

Make a Business Plan

Poem Bespoke is a pretty new venture and the creative side of it, namely penning lovely, personalised poems for fantastic people, comes easily to me. And though I’ve had success with gift poems penned thus far and wonderful feedback (sorry to boast ha), I do need to generate more traffic to the site organically without forking out for advertising all the time. And it’s all well and dandy to sit-around waiting for the next enquiry or (here’s hoping) flood of enquiries to come rushing in, but now I fully realise the need to be a little more pro-active to become consistently busy as a real, live business.

How hard can it be? I’ve worked in many-a-business over the years – just none in the past decade. Gulp. But I did once work in business development, so best pull up my socks and again, try to think outside the box.

So I’ve called a board meeting and first thing tomorrow, me, myself and I are finally going to sit-down around the kitchen table, throw around some ideas (gosh, I might even buy a little flipchart and coloured marker pens) and thrash out some set, achievable and realistic business goals for the coming year. By the way, does anyone else remember that corporate SMART acronym from way back when…or just me?

To avoid any further procrastination, this will be done when the kids are at school, the dishwasher’s been unpacked, I am facing away from the window and I arrive equipped with a full mug of coffee-to-hand and maybe a small snack just incase.

Wish me luck. I’ll keep you briefed. 🙂

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