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Hello! It’s been a little while (yes, ages) since my last post, though I’ve been pretty busy doing such very important CEO stuff behind the scenes here at Essex’s Poem Bespoke HQ.

Yes, I’ve penned some fabulous poems (obvs) but still a lot of my time is spent trying to get the word out there about my little personalised poems for weddings, funerals and gifts. Oh it’s a tedious and long old process it seems! I hadn’t quite realised the amount of time I would be spending social marketing Poem Bespoke, as oppose to actually penning the poems in my lovely turquoise notebook, sat in some arty café overlooking a cottage-garden, americano and pastry to hand…

But hey-ho, guess that’s the world we live in and I have to remind myself that though at times, I feel like a doorstop-sales-person with my social posts; since I have no actual, real-life, tangible shop-front to capture passing traffic, then it is what it is. Turns out, I need to put in the time and work even on the parts of my little poem writing service which I don’t enjoy so much. Who would have thought?

Slowly and surely though, I feel word is getting out there. I’ve had 100% positive feedback so far, which is lovely and according to my overly-frequent checks, Poem Bespoke does seem to be crawling, yes crawling up those pesky Google rankings, though to be fair, this is probably helped by the seo company I worked with short-term.

Anyway, as you may know…I do also LOVE to write articles and so recently put that side of my writing to good use for marketing purposes. Below, I have linked to my little article just published on a well-known UK wedding magazine’s site, detailing the ways a personalised poem can add a poignant or practical touch to your wedding day: personalised wedding poems, personalised wedding speeches (handy for those who don’t want to stand and speak for long), poem favours and so on.

So if your wedding day is coming up (congrats!) and you have a couple of minutes spare, grab a cuppa and take a look. 🙂


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