Lockdown Poem Aired on BBC Essex

Prosecco please! (photo by me).

Hello. I hope you are going as well as can be in these tricky times. Who would’ve believed all this would happen, even a few months ago? Well, I’ve been pretty busy (ahem) home-schooling the boys and remembering how bad I am at maths and how much I dislike it. Luckily for me, the boys find it easier. And who knew my lovely, decorative bell (starring above) would one day double-up to signal ‘end-of-playtime’ to the boys during their home-school day?!

There has been some snatched-time for creativity. Recently, I wrote a little poem based upon my own family experience here in the UK during this time. I realise we will all come out of this period having had a different experience, depending on whether we are living with others or alone, working or not and having endured our own set of worries. But to paraphrase something I read the other day, ‘No, we’re not in the same boat right now…but we are in the same storm.’ We remain connected as a society and one day this will be over!

Anyway, for those I’ve not already told (ha), my topical poem was aired on BBC Essex, (a recording read by moi) and I then went on to chat with the lovely presenter live on air which was very scary indeed. Hopefully I didn’t come across as too much of a fool (fine line!). Here’s the poem and much love to everyone…


Our Family Life: An Easter Snapshot

Not quite so raw, the start of week 4,
each day replicating the one before.
Feeling two-dimensional, unintentional,
Dig out my sketch pad and start to draw.

Morning fix: coffee, Jo Wicks,
Planks, bunny hops and high kicks.
Exercising, endorphins rising,
Shaking off and energising.

Break from home-schooling; (who am I fooling?),
Tell you what is fun; no school-run.
But failing call to action; subtraction,
Transpires, I still can’t fathom a fraction.

A bike ride, walk, yes – it’s still okay to talk.
Rainbow windows, paths with chalk.
Yes, it’s fine to smile, say hi…all the while,
Moving aside, united in this trial.

Backyard games, football, swing ball,
Doing our bit to curb the footfall.
What to make, yet another cake?
Banana bread or flourless bake?

As a nation, showing appreciation,
For workers, serving with dedication.
Clapping hands, banging pans,
Gratitude echoing across the lands.

When the boys, toys, tucked up in bed,
Seeking distraction to fill our head,
We settle in with a grin, to Jo Exotic,
And realise our lives aren’t that chaotic.

Though we wait for the date; use our time,
Phone calls, emails and chats online,
Eating smarties, planning parties we’ll host,
The places we’ll travel: country and coast.

The meetings, greetings with those we’re missing,
With unprecedented displays of hugging, kissing.
And the world’s still turning; sun’s still burning,
Each of us: solving; evolving; learning.

This crazy period; now part of our story,
The good, the bad, the heartbeat glory.
For now, I’ll place my dreams; take power,
Within love, art, the birds and flowers.

Deborah Caine (2020)

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