Funeral Reading Poems

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash.

Finding the right words to convey your feelings about a loved one can be difficult and daunting.

By including a personalised poem as a stand alone reading or as part of the eulogy at your loved ones’ funeral or memorial service, you can add a down-to-earth touch to the formal proceedings, share your memories and say what you would like to say, in a structured yet heartfelt and personal way.

My standard turnaround time is often shorter for funeral poems, so do feel free to reach out with any questions. If you wish, I can also email your finalised poem in a frame-ready format within the price, to print and display as a family keepsake. x

For our Grandad  
Grandad; though we may be apart for a while,
You’ve left so many memories to make us smile.
Remember taking Tom to his first footie match,
And the veggies grown on your prize-winning patch?
You were always on hand to help fix our shelves,
Mow the garden, or step-in as one of Santa’s Elves!
You always did things in your own special way,
And reminded us to make the most of each day,
A fixer, a doer and an old-fashioned gent,
We want you to know how much your life meant.
Grandad, you taught us to hold true to our beliefs,
And you’ll always be our inspiration and chief.
Our Rose
A talent for art and a chest full of hats,
A beautiful soul and a house full of cats.
An idealist; a teacher – adored by us all,
One of life’s helpers (and cherished by Paul).  
We’ll remember your stories about Italy-
Picture you al fresco, with a sunset G&T.
We’ll learn from how you went to great length,
To lend others, your support and strength.  
Rose, you truly understood this life’s worth,
Told us, ‘Don’t wait: make heaven on earth!’.
For despite the challenges, life sent your way,
You advocated love, kindness…and holidays.  
You were candles and fairy lights,
Summer days and star-filled nights.
A gentle and kind, deep-thinking soul,
With a heart of gold and a nurse’s role.
You loved the grass’ scent after the rains,
Wander for hours along coastal lanes.
The countries you’ve seen – too many to list,
The people you’ve touched – you’re so missed.
My free-spirited sister; often contrary,
I envisage now as a beautiful sea-fairy.
For top of the places you loved the most,
Were the rugged cliffs of our Jurassic Coast.
So, when the waters shimmer emerald green,
I’ll hope to glimpse our mermaid-queen.
Zara, you mean the world to us all…to me,
Dive beneath the waves, happy and free.

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