Gift, Party & Speech Poems

If you’re preparing to give a speech at a wedding or party but don’t fancy competing with the longer speeches, find the prospect a little daunting or simply want to offer-up something different to the occasion, then a personalised poem is the way to go! A well-crafted, heartfelt personalised wedding poem can have you saying all you wish to say (with a dash of humour should you choose), in a wonderfully unique way, that will see you standing for just a couple of minutes.

Perhaps you’re looking for a unique gift for a birthday, anniversary or retirement and need the right words to tell your special someone just how much they mean? Whether you want a sentimental poem, funny poem or a little of each – I would love to help.

With some simple information from you, I can create your very own, special personalised poem within a few days. I can also print and frame the poem ready to gift if you wish.

For Harry
So here we all are, for our Harry’s birthday bash,
Some call him bold (a few even, ‘brash’).
We all know he loves adventure and outdoor thrills,
And heard him proclaim, ‘I’m the next Bear Grylls!’
Yet remember that time he took off camping in Kent,
But was home by sunset, having forgotten his tent?
And then, returning from his Devon ‘hike’ with a shiver,
Because somehow, he’d tripped and fallen into the river.
Harry, we jest – you’re both kind and you’re funny,
And fortunately for you – much better with money!
Our finance whizz has long had an eye for making cash… Remember as a lad, when mum found your savings stash?
It turned out you’d been selling off your old, broken toys –
Throughout the close, to the other girls and boys!
And now you have Meredith and little Oscar too,
A family of your own, who mean the world to you.
Son, though I’ve probably not said this too often,
Perhaps in old-age, I’m starting to soften…
We’re proud and we love you and so glad to be here, Celebrating your birthday and thirtieth year!
Party Poem Example
people laughing and talking outside during daytime
Birthday gift poem example.
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Anniversary gift example.
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Gifted for a reflexology business.

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