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If you’re looking for a unique gift for a birthday, anniversary or retirement and need the right words to tell your special someone just how much they mean…I would love to help!

Perhaps you’re preparing to give a speech at a wedding or party but don’t fancy competing with the longer speeches or find the prospect a little daunting. Maybe you simply want to offer-up something different to the occasion? If this sounds familiar, a personalised poem may be just the ticket.

A well-crafted, heartfelt personalised wedding poem can have you saying all you wish to say (with a dash of humour should you choose), in a wonderfully unique way, that will see you standing for just a couple of minutes.

With some simple information from you, I can create your very own, special personalised poem within a few days. I can also print and frame the poem ready to gift if you wish.

Below, I’ve listed a few poem examples to showcase the flavour and style of the personalised poems, though each commissioned poem is tailored very specifically to your VIP and your requirements.

(*As of January 2023, I am also trialling one pretty, ‘template’ gift poem option – whereby the only personalisation available is the title/sign off.*)

For our Abbie
 At Seven Oaks High: year nine we think;
We bonded over canteen chips; diet-coke drinks.
At break, we’d gossip round the hallways we’d lurk,
Chatting about lads; copying French homework.
We became known as the ‘troublesome trio’-
Though Abs, you were boldest (feisty Leo!).
But later your voice would draw quite a crowd…
Our singing super-star, (and still super-loud!).
You’ve been an amazing friend, over the years,
Remember helping Jess with her dating fears?
You’ve a heart of gold Abs; you’re one of a kind-
Beautiful and funny, with a crazy, creative mind.
We’ve had Newquay, Tenerife and festivals too,
Mojitos, prosecco…yes, more than a few.
And now we’re Mummies to Max, Ethan and Jo,
Our trio of boys, who are always on the go!
We’ve shared all life’s weather; thrills and madness,
Going-out tops, much laughter and sadness.
You’re a fabulous lady: our own national treasure,
Having you as our friend is truly a pleasure.
– Love from your besties: Molly and Jess –
Birthday gift poem example
Jack and Ann
Their first date was held at the old White Horse.
‘Perhaps we’re going to clash,’ Ann thought.
She wore a pink dress; he wore red, suede shoes.
And why was Jack’s voice, loud enough for two?
Wedding bells chimed; a honeymoon in Spain,
They never quite got over the torrential rain!
And Jack’s lost luggage was quite the drama-
But Ann quietly zoned out to Bananarama.
Along came baby Sam, little Tamzin too-
A puss called Fluff; a labrador called Blue.
Holidays to Menorca and Tenby, Wales,
A career change for Jack; two house sales.
Now, it’s your thirtieth, ‘Pearl’ anniversary-
A relationship of trust; overcoming adversity.
But of all they have, family still means the most-
Alongside Jack’s golf; Ann’s famous roast.
Ann and Jack; our lovely Mum and Dad,
You mean the world to us; our little lads.
So let’s pop the bubbles; time for celebration-
A marriage of love, loyalty and dedication.
Anniversary poem example
So here we all are, for our Harry’s birthday bash,
Some call him bold, blasé (a few even, ‘brash’).
We all know he loves adventure and outdoor thrills,
And heard him proclaim, ‘I’m the next Bear Grylls!’
Yet remember that time he took off camping in Kent,
But was home by sunset, having forgotten his tent?
And then, returning from his Devon ‘hike’ with a shiver,
Because somehow, he’d tripped and fallen into the river.
Harry, we jest – you’re both kind and you’re funny,
And fortunately for you, much better with money!
Our finance whizz has long had an eye for making cash…
Remember as a lad, when mum found your savings stash?
It turned out you’d been selling off your old, broken toys –
Throughout the close, to the other girls and boys!
And now you have Meredith and little Oscar too,
A family of your own, who mean the world to you.
Son, though I’ve probably not said this too often,
Perhaps in old-age, I’m finally starting to soften…
We’re proud and we love you and so glad to be here,
Celebrating your birthday and thirtieth year!
Personalised party / speech poem example
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