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Love poem / ‘Morning of the Wedding’ gift poem

My little business is proud to offer a bespoke poem writing service to every loved-up couple. Whether you’re looking for a personalised love poem to gift, a unique wedding ceremony reading to tell ‘your’ story, an anniversary poem or vow renewal poem…I can help. I also create short, rhyming wedding favours for guests, with each personalised poem, unique to them!

If you’re looking to have a personalised wedding poem read out during your magical ceremony, or would like to gift your intended a ‘Morning of the Wedding’ poem, written especially for them; have a look at the romantic examples below and see which style resonates best with you.

Your fully personalised poem will include all the things that mean the most to you as a couple…from first dates to holidays…and of course, the qualities which make your relationship so amazing! Poems can also be arty if you wish and include some humour (without being cheesy!). Your personalised poem can be told from your own angle or styled for a guest to read out on your behalf.

Furthermore, if you or your wedding VIPs would like to say a few words during the speeches, why not consider using a well-crafted, poem? A personalised wedding poem can be a wonderful way to say your piece with meaning and a little humour should you wish.

I’ve listed a few different personalised poem examples below; don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. x

Reading Festival, was the place that we met,
Sunshine memories, despite the mud and wet.
Our Valentine’s first date – markets and brunch,
Followed by a forest walk; cosy, pub lunch.
We’ve shared, Iceland’s spell-binding aurora,
Your 90s Friends obsession, (penchant for Pandora!).
Remember our trip to Snowdonia, star-gazing?
Dreaming beneath black-velvet skies; amazing.
You’re a dedicated nurse; photography freelancer,
Passionate for old-skool garage; a brilliant dancer.
And now you’re Bridgertons’ biggest fan on Netflix,
Along with Pinot Gris, Pad Thai and classic Twix.
You’re smart, funny and beautiful throughout,
The best part of my life, I couldn’t do without.
Thanks for the fun and support, (lockdown three!),
Happy Valentine’s Day and third anniversary.

I love you.
Valentine’s Day and anniversary gift poem.
Matt & Carrie’s Wedding Poem
We’re snow-peaked Alps, mulled wine and après-ski,
We’re a thousand songs, sung badly in karaoke.
We’re our old, blue Volkswagen always ready to go,
We’re our favourite fruits: blueberries and mango.
We’re the grief we shared saying goodbye to Sam,
We’re the love that we feel for our darling little man.
We’re the hikers who made it up the wrong peak!
We’re the rock the other needs, when one feels weak.
We’re how the dark feels on a full-moon night,
We’re our Rocky Horror Show characters – quite the fright.
We’re the first kiss we shared at Waterloo Station,
We’re fire and ice: a unique and rare combination.
We’re Prague and Rome and our Paris holidays,
We’re yesterday, tomorrow and every new phase.
We’re the light and the dark, the yellow and blue;
We’re two sides of the same coin: me and you.
Personalised wedding ceremony reading.
You’re a homewares designer; a runner,
A head turning, stop-the-traffic stunner.
Kind hearted and caring, with eyes like the sea,
My glass-half-full, creative lady.
I’ll always remember the seventh of May,
Our Brighton pier, shiny happy day.
Sharing chips under candy floss skies,
An amazing first date: how time flies…
We’ve made a home, shared Kos and Barcelona,
In those care-free times, pre-corona.
Sienna you’re ace, with a wicked sense of humour,
Though often late…or so goes the rumour.
And though our wedding’s smaller than planned,
I’m just so happy, I’ll soon be your man.
I love you and can’t wait to spend our lives together,
Today in the New Forest, we’ll pledge forever.
‘Morning of the wedding’ gift poem.
In all Weathers 
How would I describe our love?
A soaring eagle, rather than a dove.
Endless plains, of wild heather,
Holding tight, in every weather.
Dark forests and wide-grey skies-
The feeling as if I can fly.
Always striving to climb higher,
Canvas, boots and campfire.
Or star-gazing: just you and me,
And a cosy pub with Airbnb.
A mountain summit: glorious and bold,
Rivers green and fields of gold.
Yes, freedom is the symbol of me and you,
An epic adventure, just for two.
For an outdoors-loving couple.

Some see love as a walk in the park;
A gentle stroll amongst the daisies.
But ours is a heart engraved in bark;
A too-loud opera, and other crazies.

A five course meal, with two much wine;
A work of art, without place or time.
Stolen kisses in city squares;
The rollercoaster of a thousand fairs.

But beneath the waves, the sun and the rain;
Our souls know this much to be true…
We are twin-flames, bound by all that is;
For a part of me lies in a part of you.
Just because I was feeling romantic.

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