Process & Pricing

1 verse (or 4 lines) – £10. Great to convey something short ’n’ sweet on name-place cards and place settings, blown up for statement décor or even as a unique, social post for business.

2 verses (or 8 lines) – £20. Useful to summarise an event’s theme on save-the-dates, invites and notices, or as a short poem to include in your orders of service or table settings. Also well-suited as a shorter poem to send as a gift to a loved one for framing or for a birth announcement.

4 verses (or 16 lines) – £40. Great if you need a shorter, service reading (eg if you already have a couple planned) or want to frame the poem for a unique gift.

5 verses (or 20 lines) – £50. Works well for a slightly more detailed personalised poem or a poem to be framed and gifted.

6 verses (or 24 lines) – £55. An ideal length for readings at weddings, christenings and other events and services or a longer, more in-depth framed poem.

8 verses (or 32 lines) – £70. This is suited for longer readings when you wish to go into a little more detail about your loved ones’ life events.

**The above prices are for poems sent out by email. If you would also like me to print, frame and post your personalised poem (UK); please note there is an additional £10 charge.***

Draft turnaround time is currently 3-4 days, though I will do my best to help if you’re in a hurry. Likewise, if you have something even more specific in mind; please feel free to ask.

After booking your bespoke poem via email and/or phone exchange and getting the specifics from you, payment is due through PayPal or bank transfer. Once drafted, I’ll email your fully personalised poem across and make any tweaks you wish (after all I want you to LOVE your personalised poem!). The final proof will be emailed over as a word document. Should you wish, I can also print the poem onto quality paper, frame and post out – saving you a job!

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